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An innovation in Solar hot water



Solar But Not As You Know It

– Up to 50% cheaper to install than panelled or tube systems
– Eliminate the need for unsightly roof mounted panels
– Keep working in all weather conditions, day and night
– Not affected by shade or roof alignment performance issues
– No external boosting, guaranteeing savings and performance

Hydrotherm Heat Pumps are a unique solar solution, unlike traditional panel or tube systems that require direct sunlight to heat stored water. A Hydrotherm heater utilises captured energy in the air, transferring it directly into the water tank. Heat Pumps are fast becoming Australia’s first choice for high efficiency water heating and it’s easy to see why when you consider the numerous advantages this technology holds.

Keeps on working 24/7 rain or shine

HydroTherm Heat Pumps are specifically designed to work in Australia’s hot humid climate and will keep on working no matter the environmental conditions rain or shine, day and night, even when the temperature drops below freezing. The result is a more consistent level of energy saving that eliminates the need for electric boosters used in most traditional panel systems.

This chart highlights the energy saving of a heat pump vs. a solar panel system over a typical month. The consistent performance of a Heat Pump, is why the HydroTherm should be your first choice in High Efficiency Hot Water.


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