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Can Hydrotherm Heat Pumps Operate in Cold Temperatures?


All Hydrotherm heat pump models are rated as “Class A” which means they are suitable for low temperature operation without an electric booster element. As part of their certification process all Hydrotherm heat pump systems are tested in a lab at 0°C ambient temperature with a 90% humidity, to determine their performance and heat up times.

Here are the lab results for our Hydrotherm Dynamic model over four separate environmental conditions.

As you can see the ambient temperature does play a large role in the Hydrotherms heat pumps efficiency (C.O.P.) and time taken to reheat the tank. That is why in colder location we suggest homeowners stick to the larger Hydrotherm Dynamic model and utilise the timer function so that the hot water system is heating during the day rather than night. If you are unsure wether you fall into a cold temperature climate you can check using our STC credit calculator. Enter your postcode and if the results show either a Zone 4 or 5 then we would consider this a cold temperature environment.

By Simon Baird

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