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Under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000, the Commonwealth Government is encouraging the additional generation of electricity from renewable sources. Under the Act, the owners of small generation units are entitled to create Small-scale technology certificates (STCs). Alternatively they can assign the right to create STCs to Aquatech Solar Technologies Pty Ltd ABN 68 136 584 328 for agree payment value.

Owner Details    Install Address  
Company: /    Street:   
Name: Suburb:
Phone:  State: 
Email:   Postcode:
Property Detail   System Detail   
Property Type: Brand: Hydrotherm
Multi/Single Storey: Model: Dynamic-SS/X8/OP
Install Type: Tank Volume: 275L
Multiple Systems: Serial Number: HYD
Installer     Address  
Company: Street:  
Name:   Suburb:  
Phone: State:  
Email: Postcode:  
Credit Value   Payment   
Date of installation:   Bank:
Number of STC:                                                 Account Name:  
STC Value:  $37.00 BSB:
Total Credit Value:                                                 ACC Number:  

Proof of serial number 
Proof of install
Proof of Purchase 

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