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Hydrotherm heat pumps affordably priced for Queensland


What is Affordable Hot Water?

If you spend sometime on our website you will see the phrase “Affordable Hot Water’ pop up regularly, so you might be wondering what it actually means. While I can tell you it is not just a marketing slogan in fact “Affordable Hot Water’ forms the key of our company philosophy. 

“To deliver affordable and sustainable hot water solutions to every Queensland home, through innovative products and dynamic supply networks.” 

Before Hydrotherm came along Queenlands hot water customers only had two main options when purchasing a hot water system. 

  1. Spend a lot of money purchasing and installing a solar hot water system or heat pump hot water system, with the aim of hopefully getting it back through savings on energy bills.
  2. Install a cheap gas hot water system or electric hot water system and be prepared to pay much higher running costs for hot water every year.


We wanted to give Queensland consumers a third option which is where the concept of “Affordable Hot Water’ came from.

Queensland home owners can now purchase a Hydrotherm heat pump hot water system at a price that competes directly with gas hot water systems and electric hot water systems but delivers the savings of a solar hot water system. So you don’t have to spend a fortune but you get all the savings.

This is the basis of the Hydrotherm prices, we want to make your choice easy, by offering  a hot water system that is affordable to purchase and affordable to run. We believe our systems offer the best balance between these two components and that is why we stand by our goal of delivery “Affordable Hot Water”.

To calculate your price for a new Hydrotherm heat pump, click to the shop here and enter your postcode.

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