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Hydrotherm Heat Pumps Connecting to Queensland Electricity Tariffs


Understanding Electricity Tariffs

The Hydrotherm range of heat pump hot water systems have been designed to run on two major Queensland electricity tariffs. In order to maximise the efficiency of networks and encourage consumers to change their consumption patterns, each state has their own set of domestic electricity tariffs. These tariffs generally fall under one of four major categories, each with their own set of charges and supply conditions. The tarrifs in South East Queensland (SEQ) include:

Tariff 11 Continuous (~$0.27/kWh): This tariff is what the majority of the household appliances are connected to, such as, lights, tv, fridge etc. This supplies power 24/7 and is the most expensive tariff.

Tariff 33 Shoulder (~$0.22/kWh): This tariff is designed for hot water systems, pool pumps and other intermittent appliances. This tariff will supply your Hydrotherm hot water system with a minimum of 18hours of power a day, occasionally pulling the power between 7am-10am and 5pm to 8am. This is the tariff we recommend the most for Hydrotherm owners in Queensland.

Tarrif 31 Off Peak: Hydrotherm hot water systems are not compatible with Tariff 31. This tariff is just for Queensland homes running very large electric hot water systems. This tariff only supplies hot water systems with power for 8 hours a day between 10pm and 6am. No heat pump hot water system can go on this tariff.

Tariff 12 Time of Use Tariff (Various costs depending on time of day used): This tariff has various charges depending on the time of day that the electricity is being consumed. It is designed to encourage households to switch their usage from peak times 4-6pm to off peak times, by having high charges for peak consumption and low charges for off peak consumption. This tariff is an alternative to Tariff 11 and can not be used together. Currently it is not a popular choice for Queensland homes as it also has a much higher supply charge associated with it, so we would not recommend you to connect your Hydrotherm hot water system to this tariff.

If you have any questions with regards to the availability of tariffs in your area then please contact us on 1300 769 904 or call your energy supplier.y Simon Baird

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