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is my hot water system leaking


Is My System Leaking

Did you know that a Hydrotherm heat pump can produce up
to 5 liters of condensate when it is running?

Condensate is a by product of the heat up cycle and is formed when the moisture in the air hit the very cold coils of the evaporator. If you have ever drunk a cold drink on a hot day, you would of notice that the droplets of water start forming on the glass, this is condensate. The same water forms on the Hydrotherm evaporator, the more humid the day the larger the volume of water that forms. This water is captured and fed to the condensate line, that is why it is very important that the condensate line is appropriately drained off. This is particularly true when Hydrotherm systems are installed in high humidity environments such as Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

By Simon Baird 

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